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  1. Select the "New Support Ticket"  or "+" option
  2. Complete the "*Brief Description" field.
  3. Complete the "Detailed Description" field.
  4. Select a "*Product Type".
  5. Complete the "Device Details" field.
  6. Complete the "*Requester's Email Address" (and Name) fields.
  7. Answer the "*Captcha" question.
  8. Submit.

Expanded Instructions and Explanations..

If using a web browser, <Click> on " + New Support Ticket" in the "How can we help you today?" menu banner.

If using a small-display mobile phone, <Tap> on the " + " symbol .

To help ensure we can locate the correct records and resolve the problem, please complete as many fields as possible.
Those fields marked with an * are required, and all others are optional.

*Complete the "Brief Subject Description".


The "Detailed Description" field can be used for additional details or comments to clarify the issue.

If you have screen-shots or other files you can send to demonstrate the problem, use the "Attach a file" option (see note below). 

If you are sending in photos intended for the News station, the HelpDesk staff will forward them to the appropriate contact.


*Select the "Product TYPE" from the pull-down menu - to help insure the ticket is routed to the correct group for support.


"News App" would apply to an app running on a mobile device.

"News WEBsite" would apply to a Broadcast Station's digital webpage accessed through a browser.

"Broadcast Station" would apply to a Broadcast Station's broadcast programming (TV).

"Storm Shield App" would apply to the Storm Shield App running on a mobile device.

 NOTE: Additional fields may open based upon the PRODUCT TYPE selected; different products often require additional information to effectively troubleshoot problems.


Providing the "Device Details" can also be invaluable for troubleshooting some products or services. These fields will open if they are beneficial to resolving a problem.

It is also beneficial at times to know what the device manufacturer and model are (especially for apps.)

*Complete the "Requester's eMail Address" field  (this will be the address used for all replies.)

  NOTE: If the email address has not been used before, an additional field will appear asking for "Your Name"; please provide your First and Last Name.

*Answer the anti-robot "CAPTCHA" question. Just to make sure a person is submitting the ticket :)


*<Click> "Submit" - an agent will start work on the issue shortly.

NOTE: To "Attach A File" with a mobile device the App may need to have "permission" to access your device "Storage".  If it does not have permission, the file-navigation and selection window will not appear and it will seem like nothing is happening when you tap or click on the "+Attach file" option.

  • For Android Devices: "Settings > Applications > Application Manager > AppName > Permissions > Storage" must be "ON".